April 2018 Week 1 Release

Hey there! I've been holding this post off for a bit simply because I wanted to make a video announcing this build and the shift from nighty builds to weekly releases, however I'm in the middle of several editing projects already so I don't want to stress myself any longer.

Anyway, this build is very important. It is the first release of the game under our new model - still work-in-progress - but, every Saturday night, we'll be releasing a new, slightly-more-stable build of the game with more refined features. However, for those who enjoy living on the edge, both The Peacenet and Peace Engine will be built automatically and deployed for everyone who wants to play the more buggy bleeding-edge builds. No ETA on that though.

Either way... this build has a few new enhancements.

  • Missions can now play a cutscene before starting.
  • Missions can now play a cutscene before ending, after the last objective.
  • Added a Clock program.
  • Added a Calculator program.
  • The Text Editor's current document text and file path can be accessed in the game's code if you have an instance of the Text Editor app.
  • The Calculator's last calculation is visible through a property in the game's code if you have an instance of the Calculator app.
  • There is now a Lua interpreter in the game...see if you can find it... :P
  • Cutscenes that don't have any visual aspects now cover the screen with a Placeholder text telling you the cutscene's ID.
  • Debug builds of this milestone can now play any cutscene at any time in the game in the F7 Cutscene Select screen.
  • An event is now fired when a Panel Theme is changed.
  • An event is now fired when a Window Theme is changed.
  • Debug builds of this milestone are now equipped with Peacenet Fast Play (patent pending!). This will skip most of the game's prologue and go straight to the Peacegate Setup screen if you're running a Debug build.
  • Communication with the server is now fully concurrent, and should be slightly faster and more reliable. Also if one request is taking forever to go through, the entire connection won't be clogged. So that's neat. You have the absolutely wonderful Declan to thank for that.

The Big Announcement

Alright. This is the announcement you guys've been waiting to hear all week. I'll stop torturing and tormenting ya's with little bits of news on Twitter. Last week, I got in touch with Philip Adams, a.k.a OSFirstTimer. If you don't know who he is, he's a YouTuber who gets members of his family to try out various different operating systems (Ubuntu, Arch Linux, MikeOS, MS BOB, etc, just to name a few). In each video (excluding the various "Advanced" episodes), he gets them to perform 5 different tasks. Their ability to complete each task determines how user-friendly the operating system is.

OSFirstTimer, unfortunately, is very inactive nowadays as far as new episodes - on the verge of being completely dead. But, I couldn't let that happen. Not without paying homage. After all, it's what got me into programming.

I've seen it in the comments section of his videos, AND on the ShiftOS YouTube channel back in the day. "Mum Tries Out ShiftOS". Well, sad to say, ShiftOS is dead, so that'll probably never happen. And there will certainly never be an episode on Peacegate OS. But, there's one thing I can do.

In this release, although unfinished and work-in-progress, you - yes, you, the player, can be IN an OSFirstTimer video...acting as the OS tester. YOU are Diana Adams in this mission, well, you know, you serve the same role as her. And your goal is to complete the 5 various tasks within Peacegate OS under Phil's direction in under 2 minutes.

Not much of the mission is fully implemented - the 5th task isn't complete-able, and there's no OSFT intro, no music, and no preroll/outro cutscene...but you can still give it a try. Just play the Sentience Tries Out side-mission.

Huge thanks to Phil for doing the voiceovers and providing the OSFirstTimer intro! :)


the-peacenet-windows-weekly.zip 78 MB
Version 10 Jun 11, 2018
the-peacenet-windows-weekly.zip 78 MB
Version 1 Apr 08, 2018

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