March 19th, 2018 Nightly Build

This build honestly isn't too exciting. It's mostly reworks of the game's main menu screen as well as backend enhancements. Here's a list of what we did.

  1. Re-added Dreams Inc by Anders Jensen as the game's menu music.
  2. You can now sign in to before entering the main menu. The game will ask you if you want to sign in.
  3. Clicking the "Multiplayer" icon in the menu causes the Multiplayer icon to be the first to whish away in that little animation that whishes away all the menu items because animations and sexiness and what the hell am I doing with my life (GAMEPLAY WHEN)
  4. You are now given the ability to start a New Game or Continue where you left off in Single-player.
  5. You can now add, remove and clear entries in the new Select Server menu in Multiplayer meaning you don't need to memorize a hostname or IP address and holy hell what a run-on sentence this was.
  6. For some reason the Settings dialog in Main Menu now renders UNDERNEATH the menu icons??? WAT? Did anyone think to test this build before releasing it? Oh wait. I released it. Damnit. I hate bugs.
  7. In all seriousness, the Multiplayer Server connection routine has been improved with enhanced support for IPv6 address oarsing and better DNS resolution which means something to someone, I'm sure.
  8. There are now two credits songs even though they're just a carbon copy of the exact same Anders Jensen song. You'll find out why that's the case later... [winks]

I joked earlier in that list about gameplay and how we need to desperately work on it, but...we are. Don't worry. There is a work-in-progress game design document going right now. It's about 10 pages long and has all our ideas for hacking, AI, NPCs, the reputation system, a new gameplay mechanic I'm calling "Government Alert" (more on that later - that's what I plan to implement next actually), and a whole crapload of other stuff that's going in the game. It may not be public, but I can assure you we are definitely working on some things related to gameplay.  And hey. Even Anders Jensen got invited to the doc so he can see it because we love him. :)

Anyway, that's it for this nightly build. I would've released it yesterday (you know, the date THAT THE TITLE SAYS IT WAS RELEASED FOR), but my damn butler was having some severe issues connecting to the Internet last night. So we made an agreement that if the build goes out today, he's off the hook for the night. Disclaimer: We at Watercolor Games do not condone the use of butlers or the act of forced slavery. We do however condone the use of the butler utility which is what pushes these builds out. THAT is my butler.

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Version 23 Mar 20, 2018

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