March 16th, 2018 Nightly Build

Hey guys! This Nightly Build brings yet another set of UI enhancements. First of all, I fixed a tiny bug with the layout of ListViews when displaying in Large Icon view. This bug caused items to not be properly wrapped to a new row/column when the current row/column is full, causing the last item in the row/column to be cut off or not displayed.

We have also fixed a few bugs with the Securing The System mission, although we plan to redo it later after a few new gameplay and user experience features are implemented. This fix causes the "Set a Hostname" objective to be far more fluid.

Another long-requested feature in the game was to either increase the font size of UI elements or allow you - the player - to do so yourself in Settings. So, I have added a new setting in the "User Experience" section that allows you to set the font size to one of three settings - Small (default), Medium, and Large. This addresses an issue where text in the game is too small to read properly on higher-resolution displays, with - in my experience - 1440p being the highest you can go before things start to get unreadable.

You can set this setting manually if you need to while the game isn't running, by going to the game's App Data folder (%AppData%\Watercolor Games\Peacenet on Windows), editing the config.json file in your favorite text editor, and setting the theme.fontsize value to 0 for Small, 1 for Medium and 2 for Large.

P.S. You may have noticed in the last few nightlies that the game's file size has gone down from the size of a typical Arch Linux install media to about 20x smaller. You have Declan to thank for that, as he was able to make a change to the Peace Engine that allows audio files and textures to be decompressed at runtime by the engine instead of at compile time by the MonoGame Content Pipeline Tool. This enhancement, as I said, only affects audio and texture assets, and will only work for .ogg audio files.

Anyway, that's it for this Nightly Build! Enjoy. :)

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Version 22 Mar 17, 2018

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