March 15th, 2018 Nightly Build

Peacenet's Desktop User-Interface

Peacenet's Desktop UI in the March 15th, 2018 Nightly Build

Hey there! I swear, I need to stop calling these "Nightly Builds". Because I keep having these weeks where I don't release any! Well, not tonight. This build has some neat enhancements to the game's user interface and I thought I would release it while I continue working on the game's AI system and planning new missions.

So...what's new with this build? Well, first, not sure if it's made it to a previous build, but there's a new wallpaper made by Declan Hoare in the game. I have it applied in the screen above.

Some other new features and enhancements include:

  1. List views have a more unified layout. You can see this on both the desktop and in the File Manager, where file/folder icons are fixed-width. They are much cleaner on the eyes now.
  2. You can now right-click the Desktop to access the Appearance Settings window, delete a selected file/folder, or create a new folder.
  3. Peacegate Menu is now fully revamped other than the History tab.
  4. No more RenderTargets! All UI elements are rendered directly to the screen to save on memory and increase performance unless they have semi-translucency effects. If you notice a window flashing the first time you drag it, that is Peace Engine switching the window to Composition Mode, making it render to a Render Target instead of directly to the screen.

    In layman terms, this will stop UI elements from disappearing when you start to run out of render targets on the GPU. So, the game will run even better on low-end systems.
  5. The Accent Color can now be changed in Appearance Settings. You have Declan to thank for that.
  6. The Show Desktop Button works perfectly now. Again, you have Declan to thank for that.
  7. Desktop Panels and Panel Buttons are reskinned to be more neutral with the desktop background. Gone are the days of a florescent orange desktop panel clashing with the blue wallpaper.

Some things left to do: 

  • Finish up the AI algorithm and integrate it into the game...somehow.
  • Redo the notifications system so it's more user-friendly.
  • Add the "Peacegate Software Centre" program and pacman command for package management.

Hopefully then there'll actually be gameplay...ffs.

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