March 7th, 2018 Nightly Build

Hey guys! First of all, apologies - haven't released a nightly since February. That's simply because I was lacking motivation to work on the game. But, I got back into it, so I decided to release a nightly build.

In this build, it is mainly improvements to the UI system as well as some server-side stuff. First, Relay Chat (the 'irc' command) is being replaced with the GUI-based Peacenet Communicator. It's work-in-progress, but you can still give it a try. In single-player, Peacenet Communicator will be how you chat with NPCs in the game. Chatting with NPCs is done through DMs, and the group chat will be used for main storyline chat between NPCs.

In Multiplayer, you can use Peacenet Communicator to talk with NPCs directly, as well as other players. The group chat is used for the server's chat, so you can communicate with all players currently online.

Also, we have added a New Folder button to File Manager, and moved System Settings from an item in the Apps List in Peacegate Menu to a button in Peacegate Menu next to "Exit Peacegate".

And lastly, I've added mouse scrolling support to the UI. We still need to work on the theming for scroll bars, but you can now scroll the Terminal, and various panels in the Peacegate UI.

Though, I may have broken some stuff in the previous build...on purpose. Hacking is still not fully set in stone, so I'm taking a step backward on that one.

Anyway, that's it for this build! Enjoy! :)

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Version 18 Mar 08, 2018

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