February 26th, 2018 Nightly Build

Hey guys! This Nightly Build adds a new song to the game - a remix by Anders Enger Jensen of the famous Atari Junk Keyboard made by Ben Heck. This song is used as the "System compromised" theme.

With that said, Peacenet's got a new "System compromised" screen! When your system is hacked, you'll know it. You'll have a 60-second timer to counter-hack the other system and get them off your back. If you don't counter-hack in the right amount of time, Peacegate OS will crash and reboot. If the system crashes, you'll fail any Missions that you're playing.

Although Counter-hacking isn't yet implemented, I have an idea of how I WILL implement it - so the hint screen for it is in the game. And while you can't counter-hack yet, I decided to include the crash effect in the game so you can see what happens when you fail. :P

This build also adds a few sound effects to the UI - contributed by Anders Jensen (some of them composed by me USING the sound effects he gave me). There is a new Infobox sound, a new Desktop Notification sound, and the countdown timer for counter-hacks has a "tick...tock...tick...tock" sound effect on it.

I also added a 600hz 100-millisecond square-wave tone to the game...it's a PC speaker tone. Specifically, the type of tone you'd hear while your system is POSTing. I plan to add a BIOS screen to Peacegate that plays this sound and shows a ton of info about your system, but for now I use the sound as a way to indicate that you're running out of time in a counter-hack.

Anyway...have fun with this one :D

If you want to test out the System Compromised screen, in Single Player, simply run "simulate_connection" in your Terminal. This will tell the internal server to send an NPC connection from that IP address to your system.


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Version 17 Feb 27, 2018

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