February 25th, 2018 Nightly Build

Hey guys! I'm back with yet another Nightly Build! Yep, I'm back on track with these. Anyway, this build fixes some critical bugs with the mission system and also adds a few new Terminal Commands. It also adds a few objectives to the "Securing The System" mission, adds an "Abandon Mission" button to the F6 Objective Info menu, and adds a new work-in-progress NPC system into the game.

There is also the new "IP Backend", which is now fully complete. This allows each player and NPC in the game to have their own public IP address. I plan to add proper networking stuff like internet service providers, LANs, routers, etc - but for the sake of development, this rudimentary system will work for getting us to a stage where you can at least hack somebody. You can view your system's IP address using the "connections" Terminal Command - which will also tell you who is connected to you and who you're connected to.

There is also now a new feature where if your system is connected to by another player or NPC, you'll see a desktop notification telling you that a new connection has opened on your system and you should type "connections" in your Terminal to see who they are. This is the start of the "counter hack" mechanic, where you'll soon be able to counter an incoming hack to stop your system from being totally destroyed.

Objectives can also now have 60-second timers that fail the objective if you don't complete it in the right amount of time. The amount of time left in an objective is shown by a HUD indicator at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can see this in action in the third "Securing The System" objective, which currently has no way of letting you complete it.

Anyway...bugfixes include:

  • Missions now abandon when you Exit Peacegate OS.
  • Missions now properly abandon when an objective is failed.
  • Music inside missions is now cut off when they're abandoned.
  • Streamlined the server handshake process. The client no longer has to deal with creating a PlexFAT image on the server.
  • Added potential support for client-side shadow mounts (directories that you can't write to but contain game-state-specific files, such as /bin, where all your unlocked programs will be stored. This isn't used yet, but the game now allows it.)
  • Complete redo of the server-side FS manager, making it a lot more reliable.

Next on the map is to get the "Securing The System" mission fully implemented, and the counter-hack mechanic added to the game. We're getting closer to alpha, guys! :D


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Version 16 Feb 26, 2018

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