February 24th, 2018 Nightly Build

Hey guys! I'm here with another nightly build. This one is mostly bugfixes, but it adds a few new server-side features as well as a new desktop background for Peacegate OS courtesy of Logan Lowe (a.k.a AShifter) and the beginning stages of the game's second mission, "Securing the System".

I coded most of this live earlier today, you can watch the archive of that stream in the video above. In that stream, I coded a new IP backend for the Peacenet server, allowing me to map in-game IP addresses to NPC and player systems, and vice versa. For those of you who were watching the stream live, you'll know that we also chose a new song for the game's second mission. That song ended up being Return to the 80s by Anders Enger Jensen - so that song is now in this build.

Bugfixes include:

  • Fixed server-side bug where backend components are unloaded before their dependent components are given a chance to perform final shutdown, causing a crash that would only occur in this build if I hadn't fixed the bug.
  • Fixed bug where joining a Multiplayer server wouldn't initiate the client-side file system backend, thus causing the game to crash when opening the App Launcher (or doing any other FS-related things in multiplayer)
  • Fixed a bug where the "\ " escape sequence wouldn't work in bash.
  • Fixed bug where credits text wasn't vertically scrolling at the right speed.
  • Fixed bug where "Thank you for choosing Peacegate OS as your Peacenet gateway" text in Peacegate OS Setup is cut off on lower-resolution screens.
  • Fixed bug where the interactive prompts in Tutorial can be cut off on lower resolution screens.
  • Fixed bug where the "Current Mission Objective" HUD was cut off on lower-resolution displays.
  • Fixed bug where "echo" command doesn't print a newline after the text you supply.
  • Made the /etc/hostname file more like the actual Unix /etc/hostname file, in that the hostname text ends as soon as it sees a newline.
  • Fixed bug where server-side Terminal Commands wouldn't load if they had an empty "Usages" list.
  • Re-did the "Run Terminal Command" server protocol request to fit better with how bash handles commands on the client-side, thus breaking Project: Plex M1 and Peacenet M2 builds.
  • Made the "Connecting to server..." screen show when connecting to a Multiplayer Server.

Also, here - have the new desktop background :)

Anyway, my livestreams are not over yet. I still have one planned for tomorrow, where we'll implement the rudimentary hacking system into the game. So...get excited, and for now, enjoy this nightly build! :)


the-peacenet-windows-nightly.zip 40 MB
Version 15 Feb 25, 2018

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