I need your help.

So there's a major bug going around in the game. This bug involves single-player games. When you click the Singleplayer button, the game starts the internal server and you see a gray overlay saying that it's doing so. But...this overlay never goes away and the game never starts.

Thing is, this doesn't affect me or Declan on either of our development environments no matter how we run the game or what build we use. But...it affects you guys. The only thing I can think of is the client is waiting for the server to do something that it has already done and nothing's telling the client "hey buddy, that's already been handled, you can move on"...so it just hangs at that screen. But that wouldn't explain what's going on.

I need something that DOES explain what's going on, and that's where you - and this build - come in. This build of The Peacenet has been modified to show the Peace Engine and server consoles in a Windows console window. For those running through Mono, that modification won't affect you because Mono already does that. But...Windows doesn't.

I need you guys to run this build of the game, attempt to run Single-player, and pay attention to both the gray "Starting Internal Server" overlay and the Peace Engine console. Does the overlay go away? Does the game start? What does the console say? This information will help me debug this. Thank you.


the-peacenet-windows-nightly.zip 40 MB
Version 12 Feb 22, 2018

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