February 19th, 2018 Nightly Build

Man. It has been a VERY long time since I've posted a nightly build. The reason being that for this entire time, the game was very broken and too unplayable. Well, at least I hope, now it isn't as bad.

So I decided to release the first nightly of 2018 - and now I wanna talk about what's new.

New features

  • Upgraded to Peace Engine Milestone 4. This version of the Peace Engine features:
    • New PNV (PeaceNet Video) pre-rendered cutscene format.
    • Layer-based rendering engine with a new entity system to replace the old engine component functions
  • New tutorial mission that takes advantage of newer Peace Engine features
  • Better Discord Rich Presence integration compared to Milestone 2 builds, though the game doesn't take advantage of it yet.
  • You can now sign in with your itch.io account to gain access to multiplayer features and have your username displayed in the Terminal and App Launcher/Peacegate Menu.
  • Completely redesigned the App Launcher. Because it no longer only launches apps, and the button that opens it reads "Peacegate", it is now the Peacegate Menu.
  • Added a new window border skin done by astro - one of the most talented ShiftOS skinners. Yeah, his talent strikes again in Peacenet :D
  • Added 5 new accent colors to the Peacenet theme - blueberry, orange, grape, lime and raspberry.
  • You can now change your wallpaper in Appearance Settings and it will be saved in your save file.
  • You can now change your accent color with the "themeconf setaccent" Terminal command and it will save in your save file.
  • Peacegate OS startup is now more fluid, since the connection to the server (or internal singleplayer server) is done in the main menu now rather than during Peacegate OS boot.
  • New mission system. See the "Missions" program in your Peacegate menu.
  • Desktop banner notifications! You can play with them using the "shownote" Terminal command.
  • Added a new multi-line Text Editor control to the Peace Engine GUI toolkit. This is shown off in the Peacenet Text Editor program.
  • Added SlowWrite() to the ConsoleContext class for Terminal commands. You may not want to use this on the server, and you may want to keep it cross-threaded, otherwise it'll slow the game's framerate as well :P

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Sync-locked the UI backend in Peace Engine M4. This fixes odd crashes when performing cross-thread user interface operations.
  • Peacegate OS now shuts down when you ALT+F4 out of the game, allowing the internal server to save everything to disk when you're in Singleplayer.
  • Cutscenes don't get covered by the UI.
  • Only Release builds of Peace Engine subscribe to the AppDomain.UnhandledException event, allowing Visual Studio to fully take over in a Debug build.
  • Moved all Peacenet multiplayer features out of the engine, making the engine more general purpose.
  • Moved Terminal Commands out of the engine, making the engine even more general purpose.
  • Killed off PlexNative in place of SpriteFont text rendering.
  • Removed most traces of Monda in the UI. You guys have made it very clear that using the same font LITERALLY EVERYWHERE is a bad idea.

Also, this build features new music.

  • Anders Enger Jensen - Legacy of the 90s (The Terminal mission theme)
  • Anders Enger Jensen - Troubled Hearts Instrumental (Tutorial theme)

Anyway, hopefully you guys like this one. Next build will feature unlockable programs and Terminal commands.


the-peacenet-windows-nightly.zip 40 MB
Version 9 Feb 20, 2018

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