December 25th, 2017 Nightly Build

Hey guys! So I'm here with yet another nightly build. This one's the Christmas update. Sadly I didn't have much time to add any Christmas-celebrating features, maybe next year, but I did have time to fix a few bugs and get chat working.

About Chat

So I did a poll a few days ago on Discord about what style of chat we should have in the game. I gave three options.

  1. Have it docked, sort of like Minecraft's chat UI
  2. Have it be a Terminal command.
  3. Have it be a separate GUI-based program for Peacegate

I didn't get many votes on that poll, none for "Docked", one for "Program" and 5 for "Terminal". So, I went with Terminal as you guys requested. So, in a multiplayer session, if you type "irc" in your terminal you can access the game chat. It is heavily work-in-progress and probably has quite a few issues I don't know about, but the basics are there. In the irc command, you can type "/exit" to leave chat, and "/me <text here>" to post something in third person - for example "*Alkaline ate a bagel.*" Type anything else and it is sent as a regular chat message.

Chat will not work in Single-player, and you will get a "Command error: Cannot connect to chat. Connection refused." error in your Terminal.

If enough of you want me to, I will be writing a GUI-based program along with the terminal command. Because I'm nice like that :)

In case I forgot...

Peacegate now has a new default desktop wallpaper made by TheEdge on the Discord server. It fits far more with the game's dark-colored UI. Note that it looks best on OLED panels (like my new monitor) due to how they deal with brightness of pixels. Things just pop out to the eye easier.

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Version 7 Dec 23, 2017

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