December 19th, 2017 Nightly Build

Hey there guys! Apologies for the late devlog (almost a day late actually.) I didn't get a chance to write one for last night's build due to time constraints, so I'm going to do it now while I've still got time.

I'm also inclined to believe that I goofed up the last nightly build and uploaded the Debug build after compiling the Release build (which had the actual updates.) Oh well, if that's the case, then all the features of that build are in this one.

Anyway, let's have a look at some of the features, enhancements and bugfixes in this build.

Features and enhancementas

  1. File Browser is now almost fully complete. Search has been implemented and the Places sidebar has more than just your home.
  2. New engine component: FileUtils - resolves relative paths to absolute paths, and resolves file extensions to MIME types, and in future will resolve MIME types to file icons for display in File Browser.
  3. UI elements can now be enabled or disabled. Disabling a UI element prevents it from receiving input events, and disabled elements are visually represented by being greyed out.
  4. New Terminal commands: rm, cd, mkdir and ls. These commands are command-line versions of what you can do in File Browser and come from the Peacegate Core Utilities package.
  5. New BGM: Anders Enger Jensen - LA Love (Tutorial/Ambient BGM 1)
  6. Clicking "Shutdown" in App Launcher will pop open a dialog that disables the desktop and other programs' UI elements creating a neat shroud effect.
  7. Dismissing an Infobox or Question Box using the Close button defaults to "OK" or "No" respectively.
  8. Multiplayer is now working slightly. A few issues with Watercolor API I have to sort out, but for the most part things should be fine.
  9. FS engine has been fully revamped with both async and non-async APIs and a server-side implementation.
  10. Unix-style mountpoints are now resolved to classic Peacenet/ShiftOS mountpoints for backwards compatibility with older builds.
  11. Terminal is now enhanced for speed and low resource usasge.
  12. Console contexts now store the player's working directory.
  13. Typing "exit" while in the Terminal with no other command-line program running closes the Terminal.
  14. The engine now knows if you're on a single-player server or not.


  1. Fixed bug in server where the Filesystem component would leave open PlexFAT streams on shutdown locking other processes from reading or writing to the associated disk images.
  2. Fixed crash with deletion of non-empty directory entries in PlexFAT.
  3. Fixed bug with server where deleting a directory entry from a PlexFAT file system would delete the ".." (parent directory) entry in an infinite loop causing total corruption of the resulting disk image if you kill the server process.
  4. Fixed bug where Backspace only appears to work once in Terminal although it is in fact always working. Now it works almost perfectly.
  5. Fixed server-side crash where attempting to invoke the non-existent command "\ " on the client (thus sending it to the server) would be read as " " causing an InvalidOperationException. Now it throws a "Command not found" error.
  6. Fixed SEVERAL bugs with ListView UI elements.


  1. Receiving a server connection error doesn't take you back to the main menu, instead it leaves you in a void screen.
  2. Game crashes do not take you out of Fullscreen, causing the required use of CTRL+ALT+DEL on Windows systems. No idea how you Linux folks'd cope with that one, though you guys do have the ability to switch between the X server display and text mode so yeah.


So things have been quite spotty lately. Please, do not treat that as a bad thing. I try to get nightly builds out...every night... but sometimes when I am working on big features I like to get them to at least a state where I can demo them as somewhat working. I used to rush out builds that were for the most part unplayable or suffered from major bugs or performance issues, ones that went under the radar due to me not testing thoroughly.

However with Peacenet, I do test thoroughly, so much so that some days I get sick of looking at the game because I'm constantly seeing the same things over again. So, implementing, testing, and rolling out big features (like File Browser) can take a day or two at least, and in the case where the feature is the highlight of the next nightly release, is there really a point of releasing something with said feature missing? I think not.

So if I miss a nightly, I'm probably still working on it or taking a break so I don't burn myself out. Anyway, enjoy this one for the time being! Next one is all about ironing out server-side bugs and getting Campaign's first ever mission in. Then, the nightly after that will introduce Cash, XP, and system upgrades. Get excited, folks :D

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Version 5 Dec 20, 2017

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