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Enter the world of Peacenet, a war-torn digital afterlife powered by the Peacegate OS and Peace Foundation. Your mission: Restore the peace.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, you'll be using Peacegate OS, a Unix-like gateway operating system, and many real-life tools to hack, explore, defend and conquer your way through the cyber afterlife, levelling up and meeting many people - ranging from the nicest people in cyberspace to the most sadistic and terrifying criminals ever - along the way. Can you survive and complete your mission?

Game modes

Story mode

As the former co-founder and penetration tester of Peace Foundation, your rogue habits of cyber crime put you and Peacenet in a sticky situation. You caused a war in Peacenet, and you went to life in prison for it. Your only way out is to restore the world's former serenity using your skills in hacking and penetration testing.


This mode's all about exploration and experimentation. Every program and command in Peacegate is unlocked. You can use this mode to develop your skills and tactics without worrying about maintaining a reputation, completing a mission or unlocking the tools you need. You are completely free.


Peacenet's reached its end. The war has gone too far. The real world is about to shut it down, killing off every person in the digital realm. Your goal is to hack as many people as possible, gain as many resources as you can, and survive for as long as you can before you get hacked or shut down. Can you survive and be the last remaining sentience in Peacenet?

Online multiplayer is planned for this mode.


No story, but you play the role of a sentience in the digital realm during the events of the single-player campaign. You must establish and maintain a reputation, gain skill, resources, and fight this war. Only this time you have more than just AIs hunting you down.

MonoGame/Peace Engine releases

Peacenet was previously developed in MonoGame using our own specially-designed Peace Engine. This engine has been deprecated as of July 2018 and the releases of this game on that engine are no longer available for download on this page. This is the Unreal version of the game. An archive of the latest nightly and weekly P.E releases of the game will be posted on the Watercolor Community Forum soon.

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