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Take control of Paul Adams, a deceased cyber-criminal who has been reborn as a sentient AI as you discover his lost identity and past within the digital afterlife of The Peacenet.

Controlled through the UI of Peacegate OS, a Unix-based gateway operating system, you'll hack and explore your way through The Peacenet completing extremely tough hacking puzzles, finding rare loot, learning new skills, meeting many...interesting...characters, and earning a reputation as you flee from government forces and survive the digital warfare within the network.


  1. Actual Unix and Linux software. Even cowsay, fortune, and nmap are included.
  2. Discord Rich Presence support. Your Discord buddies can see what you're doing in Peacenet.
  3. Completely moddable and open-source. Powered by the Peace Engine, it is very easy to add custom programs, stories, Peacegate themes and more to the game. You can even make your own using our C# modding APIs.
  4. Online Multiplayer (planning). Fight the war with other players in an open world setting. Who can come out on top with the most resources?
  5. Many, many easter eggs for you to find. See if you can find them all. Some of them are even hidden in plain sight
  6. Heists (planning): Get together a group, and work together to hack and raid larger targets. This is a good way to help level up your friends and take care of seemingly impossible jobs.

Credit where credit's due

Background music: Anders Enger Jensen, Peter Katz
UI sounds: Anders Enger Jense
Artwork: astro, squibs (a.k.a Sam), TheEdge, NetwideRogue (a.k.a Declan)
Game design & Programming: Alkaline Thunder, NetwideRogue, squibs, zeta, Jjagg (a.k.a Jesse), william341 (a.k.a William), Carver, wowmom98, TheRandomMelon
Voice acting: Philip Adams

Unreal Engine

The Peacenet is being ported to and thus now uses the Unreal® Engine. Unreal® is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere.

Unreal® Engine, Copyright 1998 – 2018, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.

You can check out the UE4 prototype builds by downloading the "windows-unreal-indev" releases.

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading The Peacenet!

Provided you're running a modern version of Microsoft Windows, the game should start up just fine after extracting the zip file to a folder of your choosing (or letting the itch app launch the game on its own, if that's how you roll.)

Linux users: The Peacenet can run just fine on Linux, however you'll need to install Mono before you can run the game. In the future, we will be releasing the game with a portable version of Mono and a prebaked shell script for you to run.


the-peacenet-windows-nightly.zip 40 MB
Version 25 Mar 22, 2018
the-peacenet-windows-unreal-indev.zip 108 MB
Version 1 8 days ago
the-peacenet-windows-prototype-packetinjection.zip 4 MB
Version 1 56 days ago
the-peacenet-windows-weekly.zip 78 MB
Version 10 41 days ago

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